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DPS Management Consultants ("DPS") is a firm of professional management and security consultants, whose business objective is to provide guidance in disaster prevention, business impact analysis, business interruption, business resumption, business recovery, emergency recovery, disaster recovery planning, contingency recovery planning, recovery procedures, alternate site selection, off site storage, training, testing, and plan maintenance.

Since 1970, DPS has assisted over 1,500 organizations in the design, development and testing of their contingency and disaster recovery plans. DPS also has a network of computer and business recovery operation centers ("ROC") that stand ready for use day or night.

For many years DPS operated using its corporate name, Data Processing Security, Inc. DPS Management Consultants became more appropriate to describe our variety of management services as DPS recommended organizations plan to recover their many business functions, in addition to their management information systems.

DPS Management Consultants assists the entire organization plan to recover from a fire, tornado, flood, earthquake, hurricane bombing, terrorist attack, and other untimely disasters.

DPS is organized, staffed, and equipped to devote full corporate resources to the business recovery needs of its clients. We are the proven, time tested name in disaster prevention, security and plan review and analysis, risk management, and disaster recovery planning.

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